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من نحن





    "A date that began 20 years ago ..."

    A hobby that rose with the passage of time to a passion for knowledge, so our journey began to search for everything related to the field of perfume and incense, so we worked calmly, inspecting several countries specializing in the scents and places where incense is located, and we toured the East Asian poles, cities and villages in search of distinction.

    Our journey of study, exploration, experiment and gaining experience took many years, which we crystallized with distinctive products after the establishment of the company in the year 2020 AD. We at Atyab Al-Mahmeed Company are always looking for excellence in the world of perfume and incense, and here we offer you a summary of our experiences through these products, which are of the highest quality to your satisfaction.


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    • Bilingual : Arabic & English
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    For any further inquiry, don't hesitate to contact us direct on whatsup +9659005 1216

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